SCRIPT is a web based tool that allows students to gain practical experience of handling mock prescriptions, and identifying legal, ethical and clinical errors.  The system allows for localisation (patient and prescriber addresses) and randomly generates names and other data to generate a vast array of permutations on a set of over 600 prescriptions, covering NHS GP, dental, veterinary and private scripts, registers, labels and endorsing. The system supports both Scottish and English prescriptions.

Students gain immediate feedback on their performance when using the on-line prescription tutor, as it highlights any errors they make or miss, and keeps a personal record of all the students attempts on the tutor.  The tutor assesses the students using a customisable marking guide, allowing staff to determine the marking scheme used, or even remove marking to allow for a feedback only operating mode.  
Users have identified the tutorial as user-friendly and that the feedback is very useful in highlighting problem areas, the tutor providing both an excellent learning tool and revision aid.

Key Benefits

  • More efficient method of assessing students in dispensing prescriptions
  • Students gain more experience and practice in dispensing
  • Better trained and qualified students
  • Class-wide data for staff to gain insight into problem areas


The SCRIPT Online Prescription Tutor is now being offered to Schools of Pharmacy throughout the UK.    

The cost of the tutor system is based on the number of students who will register to use it as part of their course.  

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