Help - Class Results

The class results tool allows a staff/ tutor user to view an aggregation of the results over specific or all tests for all the students. This includes a breakdown of the type and frequency of the errors, allowing staff to view potential problem areas in a particular cohort.

To access the class results tool:

  • on the SCRIPT page, select the class results link under the Results heading

class results link

The page will then display a set of options allowing you to select the date range and test for which you want to see the results:

results filter options

  • Specify the dates you want to restrict the result set to using the from and to selectors
  • If you wish to view all results for all tests, select All in the Limit to test dropdown, or select one of the tests to limit the results to a single test
  • The archive option will switch the list of tests in the Limit to test between currently active tests and historical tests that have been archived
  • click go

The page will update to show a summary table listing all the errors missed (or added when not present) listed by error type (Standard, Interaction, Registers, Labels, POM and CD). The top 3 errors will be shown along with the percentage, n and total number of errors made.

errors summary table

 This can help inform you where a particular cohort are going wrong, allowing you to tailor teaching to better cover their weaker areas.