Help - Groups

Groups on SCRIPT allow staff/ tutor users to create groups of student users which can then be used to determine access to particular Rx tests in a more fine-grained manner than simple year restrictions.

To access the groups tools

  • on the SCRIPT home page, click the manage groups tool


manage groups button
This will take you to the groups home page, which will show you any groups you own or belong to, as well as any other groups on your 'Cluster' created by other staff/ tutor users.

groups home page

Adding a group

To add a group enter a name for the group in the Manage Groups > Add group box, and click new.

new group name
You will then be presented with options to create multiple groups or a single group.

new group options

Multiple groups

This option is the quickest way to create several groups. The system will take the chosen year cohort and divide it into a number of groups automatically.

multi group options

  • select the year (class) cohort
  • enter a number of groups
  • select to append name with either letters or numbers
  • select an ordering - random, or alphabetical/ reverse alpahabetical
  • click go

The groups will then be created, in the example this will create 8 groups named semester 1 A, semester 1 B, semester 1 C... etc. The system will allocate the groups to be as close in number as possible. For example if the year is 85 students and 8 groups are created, each group would be allocated 10 students, with the remaing 5 students being allocated to the first 5 groups, one 'extra' student in each (giving 5 groups with 11 students, 3 groups with 10).

Option - active for session

This determines if the group is tagged to be active for a particular academic session, or if you select 'all' the group will remain active and available regardless of the change in academic session from year to year. This latter option allows you to create groups that remain from year to year of a students degree.

Single group

Single groups can be created in two ways - either by adding or copy/ pasting lists of students, or manually selecting users from a list. The latter is only recommended when creating small groups as it can be very time consuming

Input list

This allows you to add a list of email addresses, perhaps from existing groups used elsewhere in your teaching

single group list

  • type or copy/ paste the list of email addresses (thse correspond to the SCRIPT username) into the group members box, one per line
  • click go

The group will be created.

Select users from list

This option allows you to see the full users list for your cluster, and by multi-selecting (Ctrl + click) users to create the group.  This is not recommended except for creating small groups.

group select list

  • scroll the list, selecting each user you want to be in the group
  • click go


Editing a Group

You can edit a group once it has been created to add or remove users, change it's name or adjust the 'active for session' value.

select group for edit

To edit a group:

  • select the group in the drop down
  • click the edit button

You will be shown the group details in one tab, with the group members in a second tab.
To change the group details - name or active session

edit group details

  • click on the Group details tab
  • change the values in the boxes
  • click edit to save the changes

To change the group membership:

add or drop user

  • click on the Group members tab
  • click the drop button next to any user to remove them from the group
  • to add a new user, enter part of their name or email in the Add member box
  • click add next to the matching user and they will be added to the group