Help - my results

the my results tool allows you to review all your completed tests. You are able to see the particular responses you made to each Rx in the test, re-view the actual Rx and view a summary of your errors over all tests to help you focus on areas of weakness.

Test responses

For each test you have taken you will be presented with a table similar to the image below, containing details relating to each Rx in the test and how you responded:

my results table


  • Each row of the table represents your reponses to a single Rx in the test.
  • You can click on the view button next to the Rx ID to view the Rx again
  • The other columns indicate if you missed any errors, added extra errors and whether your selections for the POM/ CD register options were correct or not.
  • if you insititution is set up with marking switched on, you will see the score for each test and the marks deducted for any errors


Errors Summary

An errors summary is shown to the side or below the tables detailing your test responses. The summary lists each error you have either missed or incorrectly assigned to a script and indicates how many times you have missed that error as a bar chart.

error summary

You can use this as an indication of your weaker areas to help focus your study.